Meet… ‘Limelight’

Limelight Candle

In this mini-series of blog posts, we’ll help you get to know some of our most popular scents. We’d like to introduce you to our ‘Limelight Candle’.

In the 1820’s Goldsworthy Gurney discovered the ‘Limelight Effect’. This was an intense illumination caused by an oxyhydrogen flame directed towards a cylinder of calcium oxide. The light that was produced as a result was first used to illuminate a juggling performance in 1836 and was used widely to light public performances in theatres throughout the 19th century. Although these lights have since been replaced by electric lighting the phrase ‘In The Limelight’ is still widely used for stage performances.

What does Limelight smell like?

Vibrant, citrus accord combining notes of lime, lemon, verbena, lemongrass with spicy nuances and a base of citrus pith, musk and woods. A true invigorating and uplifting fragrance, this zesty rush of limey goodness will give you that added bit of clarity and pizzazz!


For a moment all about you… when you need a pick me up… or you just want a fresh and invigorating scent to surround yourself with. 

Get your limelight candle now here.

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