WE'RE CLOSING! It has been great, but Lumos Apothecary will close its doors on 5th April 2024.

Advent Candles News

We took the difficult decision to stop selling our advent candles early this year. Due to the pandemic our chosen courier service are dealing with extensive delays so we didn't want our advent candles arriving after the start of the festive season as this would defeat the object of the candle.

Advent marks the season of festive preparation. The lights go up, shopping begins, Christmas trees are adorned with baubles, and families get ready to celebrate together. Before advent calendars, households would burn a little bit of a candle each day as a way to help them prepare.

We still have a wide variety of festive scents available and if you would still like an advent candle then please get in touch, we will be able to help and advise the best options for delivery.


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