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Ey Up

We are Cathie and Tom from Sheffield. We are married (to each other and everything!) and we love candles and generally all things that smell nice. We are quite new to the candle making world but we’ve been working on perfecting the right blend of waxes, wicks and fragrances for some months now to ensure we have soy wax candles that we would be more than happy to buy ourselves…or receive as gifts of course! We’ve more recently perfected reed diffusers too, which were pretty proud of – even if we do say so ourselves.

Supporters of hand crafted items for many years, we wanted to create a luxury (yet still affordable) range of products to evoke positive vibes in spaces and basically just make the world smell a little better! All of our ingredients and packaging are sourced from the UK and are vegan friendly. 95% of our packaging is recyclable too and we are working to get this to 100%. We are real people with mentally busy full time jobs from which candle making couldn’t be further apart – that’s why we take great pleasure in creating our products, part time, and with genuine passion. We are hoping, eventually, this could be a full time venture, but completely appreciate this will take time and effort and aren’t expecting an overnight success. We are committed to making things we love and use in our own home, sharing them with our family and friends. We won’t ever spin corporate nonsense and will always make our products to the best of our ability. If any of the labels are wonky, that’s 100% Tom’s fault. If you spot any spelling errors, that’s definitely a Cathie fail, no question. 

We are just starting out and have set up a website for our soy wax candles but would love to meet people in person so are always on the lookout for more craft events and fairs. We have 4 booked between February and early April 2020 but will try to attend more when we can – please let us know if you are looking for stall holders or can recommend ones to attend in Yorkshire.

We are also open to supplying local stores that champion handmade and craft items – if you are interested in wholesale purchases for your premises, please get in touch to discuss options. 

We welcome any comments or advice from you seasoned professionals out there so feel free to drop us a line.

Cathie & Tom X

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