WE'RE CLOSING! It has been great, but Lumos Apothecary will close its doors on 5th April 2024.

Introducing 'Perfectly Imperfect'...

What is 'Perfectly Imperfect'?

Every single one of our candles is lovingly hand crafted. It’s prepared, poured, labelled and packaged up with care. We check the quality of each product to ensure it’s as good as we’d happily receive as a gift before sending them out. Because we’re human though, sometimes accidents happen. A glass vessel may arrived slightly scuffed from our supplier, or Cathie might drop a tin down a flight of stairs. (In my defence, Tom dropped an entire tray of 30cl glass vessels in October and it was devastating!! Also, I was a little smug that for once it wasn’t me - tehe) When these oopses happen, we usually just burn the candles ourselves, or give them to family members, keeping the vessel thereafter as testers or plant pots. Nothing gets wasted here.

No reduction in quality

Because we want our customers to receive the best quality products, we QC all of our stock. We sent back a batch of 30cl glass vessels to the supplier last year as they weren’t up to standard….only to find out later that they’d just thrown them all away! Criminal. We really, really don’t like waste, especially when it can be prevented. This got us thinking….WE don’t mind if the jar has a slight scuff or the tin had a dint. So we asked our customers what they thought too. 100’s of people responded and only 3% said they wouldn’t buy an imperfect vessel. So, this being the case, we are now never going to return anything, we’ll just make it work and list these ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ ones under a separate section of the website at 25% off. Great if you’re just wanting a candle for yourself!

What will I get?

Rest assured, the contents of these reduced candles will have no reduction in quality – the wax, scent, wicks, burn times and scent throw will be exactly the same; only the aesthetics may be slightly under par. Hell, some of them you might not even notice why they didn’t make the cut! Here’s a few photo examples of what we mean….

A selection of perfectly imperfect soy wax candle grey jars   

Please note, these candles will be super cosily packaged to prevent postal breakages but the glass vessels will come without their usual luxury white gift boxes. Our regular luxury candles and their usual high quality packaging is still fully available for gifts and if this isn’t your bag – which is totally understandable :)

You’ll see at the moment, most of the candles in this new category are ‘All Hallows’ - this is because we made a huge wholesale order last year. When you make as many as we did – some are inevitably going to have little scrapes, all of which occurred in transit and are otherwise fine. Watch this space as we’ll add more scents on to use up other vessels that we would have usually sent back. And if we have any more butter finger occurrences!! Sure it won’t be long….

Get yours here.

And yes in case you were wondering, these vessels are still eligible for the refilling scheme too. Yay!

Enjoy guys and let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for doing your bit to help us reduce waste :)


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