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We want our logo to be meaningful. Not a hidden meaning, but one that reflects our feelings about candles. A logo that would help guide our brand image as we grow and help keep us on track if ever we lost sight of why we started doing what we do.

Our logo is based on the ancient Pythagorean philosophy and is similar to the symbol of ‘Quintessence’, considered to be the synthesis of alchemy.

It contains the triangle, the circle and the square that represent the spirit, soul, and body, all the elements essential for alchemical transformation.

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Often a symbol of material due to the number of physical things that come in fours. Such as four seasons, four directions and the four physical elements of earth, air, fire and water.


The circle represents the spirit. A circle has no end and is therefore infinite, total and whole.


The triangle symbolises the union between body, mind and spirit.

Meaning in Alchemy

Alchemist Meaning

We’re not professing to be magical or anything like that (despite our house brimming with Harry Potter artefacts). Alchemy is associated with chemistry, the transformation of matter and enchantment. The way in which a candle can transform the ambience of a room with the flicker of its flame is certainly enchanting to us.

The symbol of a circle within a square, within a triangle, within a larger circle began to be used in the 17th century. This would be used to represent alchemy and the philosopher’s stone – the ultimate goal of alchemy. The philosopher’s stone, sought for centuries and is an imaginary substance that alchemists believed could change any base metal into silver or gold.

Squaring the circle

“Squaring the circle” means to construct for a given circle, a square with the same area as the circle. The trick is to do so using only a compass and a straightedge.

Our logo encompasses a hat tip to people who attempt the seemingly impossible.

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