Reed Diffuser Tips

Reed diffusers are extremely popular in home fragrance right now and are great if you enjoy the scent of candles but can’t keep lighting them all the time. Here are a few reed diffuser tips to help you get the most from your product. Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flame free and do not require any heat; they disperse scent into the air naturally. No flame means reed diffusers are a more practical scent solution for some homes. We use both! They are very simple to use; reeds are inserted into a glass bottle of scented diffuser oil, they then soak up the scent and emit a pleasant aroma around your home – easy! It’s an eco friendly alternative to a plug-in air freshener…and they last much longer too!


We use 100% natural rattan bamboo reeds with our diffusers. These reeds have a porous structure that provides a controlled rate of fragrance release. They are 24cm long and approximately 3mm in diameter. We recommend using 6 reeds at a time although you can use between 4 and 8, depending on your preference.


There are many factors that contribute to how long the oils last, including air conditioning, heating, open/closed doors, open/closed windows, dehumidifiers, etc. However, we have found that our 100ml diffuser oil should last for approximately 3-4 months, depending on the temperature of your home. 

Your new reed diffuser can last up to 4 months, and if topped up with fragrance oil, you could see 6 months use from just one set of reeds. Over time, your reeds may become completely saturated or can become clogged with dust. If you still have oil in the bottle and flipping the reeds doesn’t seem to help, consider replacing your reeds. You’ll soon be able purchase replacement reeds and fragrance oils right here at Lumos Apothecary.

Reed Diffuser

If your reed diffuser doesn’t smell as strongly as it used to even though there’s still plenty of oil in the bottle, try flipping the reeds. This simple re-positioning can help to give the diffusion process a little boost. However, don’t flip them too often as the more often you flip your reeds the faster the oil will disperse; this is because the oil is soaked up via the reeds. We recommend flipping them every 3 days or so. You could also give the bottle a very gentle “swirl”. This can also help to blend the ingredients of the oil and strengthen the scent.

Once reeds have been used for a certain scent, you cannot use them for another scent. The fragrance that is already absorbed into your reeds will mix with the new scent and could produce undesirable aroma combinations, so we don’t recommend doing so. 

Don’t forget, most essential oils, although natural, are not suitable for ingestion, so keep out of the reach of children and pets.  Oh yeah, and probably don’t lick them! 


We use sweet almond oil as our carrier oil for all reed diffusers so we cannot guarantee these will be suitable for severe nut allergy suffers. 

Happy diffusing!


Cathie X 

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