Self Gift Guide 2021

Your Guide To Looking After No.1

Finally, a gift guide for that special someone that is always there for you... you!
Promotion at work? In need of some ME time? Or just because you're awesome! You don't need an excuse to treat yourself; it's important to look after your own needs - and we support you.
Ask yourself one question, what do YOU want to do right now? 

I Want To Chill

Light this candle, grab your finest PJ’s, your snuggliest duvet, copious amounts of snacks and your Netflix log in and spend a ‘Duvet Day’ doing very little. It’s completely allowed.

I Want To Concentrate

Harness the power of citrus notes to engage your brain and help you concentrate and level up your studying or home working environment.

I Want To Relax

I Want To Escape

The leather, heliotrope and patchouli notes, coupled with an almost medicinal edge make this scent remnant of a Persian Bazaar.

I Want To Meditate

I Want To Indulge

Available in your choice of scent these lovely 3 wick candles are a luxurious way to get an even fuller scent throw of your favourite's. Set in a deep clear glass vessel to allow maximum candle light and that cosy glow we all know and love. 

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