Lilac scented soy wax melts in a waxed bag surrounded by scattered wax melts on a wooden background


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Lilac scented wax melts

Floral & powdery, with fresh, bright floral notes, this lilac inspired fragrance opens with a subtle touch of orange, leading to the main lilac heart with touches of white florals alongside and a musk base with sweet raspberry. An injection of Summer any time of year.

A great way to test the scent of our beautiful charity and commemorative candle ‘Lydia’.

Each wax melt packet contains 5 star shaped wax melts totalling approximately 33g. 

Simply place a wax melt or segment of snap bar on the top of a burner, place an unscented tea light candle inside, then enjoy the aroma. Each melt will continue giving you fragrance for approx. 3-4 tea lights' burning time. All our melts are supplied in recycled biodegradable waxed bags.

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