Relax scented soy wax melts in a waxed bag surrounded by flowers and green plats

'Relax' Wax Melts

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Biodegradable bag of five 'Relax' scented wax melts

Why not treat yourself to a moment of relaxation? New for March 2022, our 'Relax' scent soothes the senses and invites you to experience the relaxing embrace of bergamot, rosemary and peppermint wrapped in a comforting medley of lavender and geranium. Musk, sandalwood and patchouli delicately unite to bring the fragrance to a calming close...

Scented wax melts are a great alternative to traditional candles and give you the option to frequently change the aromas in your rooms or to sample a certain fragrance. The also release their fragrance quickly - great if you're impatient like us! 

Simply place a wax melt on the top of a burner, place an unscented tea light candle inside, then enjoy the aroma. Each melt will continue giving you fragrance for approx. 8 hours burning time. Also suitable for use in electric melters / warmers. All our melts are supplied in recycled biodegradable glassine bags.

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